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Keim Concretal

 The Keim Concretal Product Range

Keim Concretal - effective protection for concrete while retaining its mineral character, The Keim Concretal system comprises mineral based concrete repair, decoration and protection materials, significantly reduces the rate of carbonation of concrete, providing a longlife decorative system for mineral protection.

KEIM Concretal-W

Keim Concretal W is a water repellent sol silicate paint formulated for protection against weathering, water and chlorides.

Keim Concretal W has all of the benefits of a classic mineral paint, producing a lightfast mineral matt surface finish, exhibiting minimal soiling due to its antistatic properties. Manufactured from waterglass and natural earth oxides, Keim Concretal W is inherently compatible with concrete substrates and forms a strong permanent bond between the paint and concrete.

When applied onto new and existing concrete, Keim Concretal W protects against steel rebar corrosion and frost damage due to its elevated water-repellency and against chloride corrosion due to restriction of water movement. Keim Concretal W provides protection from weathering and wear, and can be used for consolidation of friable concrete surfaces.

KEIM Concretal C

Keim Concretal C is a waterproof sol silicate based paint formulated for protection against carbonation and chlorides.

Carbonation is a major factor in concrete decay, caused by CO2 from the atmosphere reducing the alkalinity of concrete, which in turn allows the reinforcing steel to become susceptible to attack by water and oxygen, resulting in corrosion of the steel and spalling of the concrete.

Keim Concretal C protects concrete from penetration of CO2 from the air, protects from corrosion and frost damage due to its elevated water-repellency, and from external chloride corrosion due to the absence of water movement.

Keim Concretal C protects against all causes of decay in concrete, including carbonation, weathering, water absorption and chloride corrosion.

Keim Concretal Repair System.

The Keim concrete repair system is based on cementitious and mineral constituents and is suitable for all forms of concrete substrate. The system consists of a range of materials that provide protection to both the concrete and steel reinforcing bars.

Pre Treatment and Preparation.

Keim Concrete Cleaner Acidic concrete cleaner for the removal of release agents and surface impurities from concrete.

Concretal Repari System.

Keim Concretal MKH: Mineral cement based corrosion protector and bonding mortar

Keim Repair Mortar: Prebagged non shrink cementitious repair mortar for large scale concrete reparation works.

Keim Fine Finishing Mortar: Prebagged cementitious fine finishing mortar for crack repair, filling of blow holes, and surface equalisation

KEIM Concretal System– Key Features and Benefits

  • Mineral protection for concrete
  • Enhanced water-proofing
  • Enhanced water vapour diffusion
  • Enhanced carbonation-proofing (Concretal C)
  • Consolidation of friable concrete surfaces
  • Effective against concrete decay
  • Levelling of surfaces with an uneven appearance
  • Can retain the surface finish and original concrete appearance
  • Lightfast, long-term colour stability
  • Greatly reduced soiling
  • Mineral matt surface
  • Environmentally friendly