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By definition, fair faced concrete is one which after the removal of form work is not required to have any further finishes on it like plastering etc. However, despite good intentions, this does not always occur and the need to make minor cosmetic repairs to the concrete is required. But how can this be done whilst maintaining the natural characteristics of the concrete?

Simple! By using KEIM Concretal-Lasur concrete stain, you can alleviate colour imperfections in the concrete, without making the surface appear 'painted'. A simple process of identifying the right balance of colour shade and transparency will give you the look you were trying to obtain, without the expense of replacing the concrete or changing the design brief.



How Concretal Lasur works


The Process On Site

The right balance of colour shade and opacity needs to be determined and the best and most accurate way to do this is by carrying out a series of samples.

The samples on the left show this process. By applying a series of pre-selected colours in varying opacities, the client can decide which blend provides the required balance to achieve the desired effect. 

Once the right balance has been achieved, the result can be as shown. The concrete appears unpainted, boasting the natural characteristics of the concrete, without appearing too uniform or painted. 



Here is another example of unsightly concrete; the colour variations in these two panels are extreme. 

The rectification of this is achieved with a balanced blend of shade and opacity; the panels are now consistent with the rest of the building.


KEIM Mineral Paints can assist you on your next project, whether you have problem concrete on a project or you want to know what can be done in the event of problem concrete.

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