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Benefits of using mineral paints

Mineral paints are a truly non-toxic paint since they contain no VOCs, and are made from natural ingredients including water glass (potassium silicate), earth oxide pigments and natural minerals.

The main benefits of mineral paints are:

Environmentally Friendly

Keim mineral paints are water borne, odourless, non-toxic and VOC free, manufactured with natural ingredients using a low energy manufacturing process. Keim Mineral Paints contain neither solvents nor any petro-chemical derivatives, are inherently non-combustible and do not give off any toxic gases. Over their entire life cycle from raw material extraction to production, processing and ultimate disposal, mineral paints have an excellent environmental profile.


Mineral paint systems are based upon penetration (silicification) of the binder into the substrate. A strong, permanent bond is created between the paint and the underlying substrate (e.g. render, natural stone, concrete). This potassium silicate binder is highly resistant to weathering, ensuring an extremely long-life protective finish, reducing the frequency of re-decoration cycles. Keim mineral paints do not flake and the binder does not disintegrate under the effect of UV light. They are resistant to acid rain and industrial pollution.


Keim mineral paints have no residual electrostatic charge, unlike oil based paints, and therefore do not attract dust. Over time they remain cleaner than oil based paints. The silicate structure is highly stable and able to resist acid and alkali attack while the inherent alkaline nature of Keim mineral paints delays the growth of fungi and algae spores.

Colour stability

Keim mineral paints contain exclusively high-quality, lightfast, mineral pigments and binders which exhibit the greatest UV resistance of all paint systems, and are absolutely weather-resistant. All Keim colours are unaffected by the action of weathering and UV radiation, ensuring no colour fade with the passage of time. Having a bright matt appearance, the crystal structure of Keim mineral paints gives a high level of light reflectance compared to oil based film forming paints of a similar colour.


Keim mineral paints are inherently non combustible, do not support the spread of flame and give off no noxious emissions due to their inorganic composition. Mineral paints are therefore ideal for use in safety critical public areas such as underground stations and tunnels, airports, schools and flats.


The micro-crystalline nature of the Keim coating system creates finite spaces between adjacent crystals, these voids are large enough to allow the free passage of vapour but small enough to prevent the ingress of driven rain. This imparts the Keim mineral paint system with high water vapour permeability. This high breathability enables humidity contained in building structures to be quickly released unhindered into the environment, avoiding moisture build up between coating and substrate.