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Keim Mineral Paints Ltd is committed to ensuring their products derive from sustainable sources and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to minimise pollution, energy and waste throughout the lifecycle of our products. We give thought to the recyclable packaging of our products and also declare product ingredients so that consumers know exactly what they are using. As Keim Mineral Paints are non-toxic, they are completely safe and this makes them the obvious choice for any consumer concerned with protecting the earth and its people for future generations

The mineral composition of Keim Mineral Paints has huge environmental advantages. Using water glass (potassium silicate) as the binder it is possible to produce products without the use of any solvents, plasticisers, preservatives and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Over their entire lifecycle from raw material extraction to production, processing and ultimate disposal, Keim Mineral Paints have an excellent environmental profile. If redecoration is required, Keim Mineral Paints coatings require no stripping with its associated environmental impact, all they need is to be washed with water and overcoated therefore minimising environmental effects. In brief, Keim Mineral Paints are entirely safe products for environmental building and healthy living.