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KEIM Silan 100

KEIM Silan-100 is used to provide a water-repellent finish on mineral building materials, in particular concrete, in exterior applications. KEIM Silan-100 may in particular be used where structures are exposed to deicing salts and to protect reinforcing steel from chloride corrosion due to salt penetration and as a priming coat prior to subsequent applications of KEIM Concretal-W, KEIM Concretal-Lasur or KEIM Concretal-C as additional water-proofing on exposure to severe weathering stress. KEIM Silan-100 is applied onto concrete as the sole water-repellent finish in accordance with OS-A of ZTV-ING or OS 1 of Rili-SIB (guidelines for the protection and renovation of concrete components published by the German committee on steel reinforced concrete (DAfStb)).

KEIM Silan-100 is used as a primer in accordance with OS-B and OS-C of ZTV-ING or OS 2 and OS 4 of Rili-SIB together with KEIM Concretal-C.

KEIM Silan-100, with subsequent coats of the KEIM Concretal system, may be used to provide Rili-SIB grade W (water-proof) surface protection.

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   PSS-20 Anti Graffiti   

 PSS 20 is the graffiti protection made from vegetable polysaccharides (cellulose, starch) and water for vertical surfaces
The protective film is removed (sacrificed) with the graffiti during the graffiti removal, and is then re-applied to the still damp surface.
PSS 20 is open to water vapour diffusion, is normally indiscernible to the eye and is completely reversible using hot water
PSS 20 is completely non-poisonous for humans, animals and the environment

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FACEAL OLEO  Surface Sealer  

Oil/grease/water-repellent impregnation as dirt protection
Faceal Oleo is a water-based impregnation for absorbent mineral surfaces as protection against water, oil and grease-based contamination.
Faceal Oleo does not change the water vapour diffusion characteristics of the treated substrates, and is normally indiscernible to the eye.
Faceal Oleo is normally indiscernible to the eye.

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FACEAL OLEO HD Surface Sealer plus Anti Graffiti  

FACEAL OLEO HD® is a ‘heavy duty’ version of FACEAL OLEO®, specially developed for surfaces with pH level below 9, which are subject to abrasion such as floors and stairs. FACEAL OLEO HD® provides a preventive impregnation against the penetration of oil, grease, water and urine, and facilitates the removal of chewing gum, moss, algae, lichens and ice. Additionally, FACEAL OLEO HD is a RAL-GZ 841/2 certified graffiti protection system. Graffiti is easily removed with AR graffiti removers without damaging the protection. 

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