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…..perfect for the harsh Australian Sun!

Keim Mineral Paints originated in Bavaria in 1878 and are now used extensively around the world, including Australia. The system was developed by A.W. Keim to reproduce the appearance of lime fresco finishes which were able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The system is a liquid silicate paint which comprises a potassium silicate binder with inorganic fillers and natural earth oxide colour pigments. When applied onto a mineral substrate the binder cross links with the silica compounds and forms a micro-crystalline silicate structure. This crystalline structure allows the substrate to breathe but prevents the ingress of driven rain - a truly micro-porous coating.

Keim Mineral Paints are natural, water-borne, liquid silicate paints which produce an extremely durable, colourfast, sustainable protective finish with high vapour permeability, which work in harmony with the environment. Due to the unique properties of Keim, it ensures a longlife, colourfast, protective finish with low maintenance, well suited to the harsh climate of Australia.

Keim Mineral Paints offer an extensive product range, including the following;

                          Keim Royalan - Mineral concrete paint finish                                          

                      Keim Concretal Lasur - Mineral concrete stain



Keim Australia now offers Formal CPD presentations to the Architectural Industry


Keim’s Formal CPD presentation (1 Point) covers:

  • the role that breathable coating systems have in consideration of health, the environment, and building longevity.
  • The preventative/protective nature of coating systems
  • Identifying problems and potential problems with damp and rising damp in buildings
  • Specification of coating systems for Heritage Buildings


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