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Q - What patching compound should I use under Keim Concretal Lasur

A - The simple answer is any cementitous-based patching compound that will give you the closest colour, finish and porosity to the concrete itself. If using Concretal-Lasur in a transparent variety, patched areas will most likey be visable. Always test the patching compound with the keim system you select.


Q - Can you use Keim Concretal Lasur on floors?

A - No, Keim Concretal Lasur is not recommended for floors.


Q - Do you need a primer under Keim Royalan?

A - Keim Royalan is designed to go onto bare mineral based substrates. No primer is required, in fact, the very nature of the mineral system requires the coating to go directly onto the bare surface so a chemical reaction occurs. However, a special bridging primer is required when painting over conventional paints. 


Q - Can Keim Royalan be applied onto previously painted surfaces?

A - Yes, provided the previous coating is sound, clean and well adhered to the substrate. A special bridging primer (Keim Contact Plus) is added to the Royalan in the first coat. Please note that the breathability of the substrate will not be improved by using Keim Royalan, as the previous coating will always act as a moisture barrier. 


Q - Can I select a colour from a different paint supplier, or do I have to choose from the KEIM range? 

A - You can select a colour from another paint supplier, we just need a sample of it in order to do a colour match. We usually can match most colours, however due the nature of our Mineral pigments, some bright reds and some other colours are unachievable.


Q What is the warranty on Keim Mineral Paints?

A Keim Paints come with a standard 10 Year Warranty, provided that the material has been applied in accordance with Keim specifications, refer to our most current product data sheet. We can offer longer warranties for certain projects, please contact our office for further information 

Q - Can I apply Keim near the ocean?


A – Yes. KEIM Royalan exterior silicate coating was engineered specifically for tropical and coastal environments. It’s unique mineral structure is designed to withstand highly acidic and alkaline environments, as well as airborne salt and moisture. Royalan penetrates and chemically bonds with mineral surfaces, never peeling or blistering like regular paint coatings. Using only 


Q Can I use caulking products with Keim?


A  As Mineral Paints and Mineral Stains are not designed for adhesion to non-cementitious caulking compounds, it is highly advisable to choose a caulking colour that is sympathetic with the final finished colour to be applied.

If possible, caulking should generally be applied after the application of Keim Lasur. This will ensure the Lasur has the cleanest possible surface to adhere to, without any traces of contaminating material.


Q How does using Keim compare to using an Acrylic system?


A - In a nut shell, Acrylic paints are a film forming coating that mechanically adheres to the surface whereas Keim Mineral Paints absorb into the surface and bond through a chemical reaction. There are a large amount of features and benefits of Keim Mineral Paints and why they a better choice over Acrylics. Please refer to our comparrison section of our web site. 


Q - Is Keim expensive to use compared to conventional Acrylics?


A - If you compare the cost of Keim based on the cost of the paint drum, then yes, Keim is more expensive. However the total coating system needs to be evaluated to compare the total cost of applying Keim compared to Acrylic.


Firstly Keim Royalan is a 2-coat system that requires no undercoat

Acrylics are generally 3 coat systems. From a labour perspective, Keim is cheaper for an applicator to apply due to the 2 coat system.


Keim is a long like coating, which means the pigments don’t fade and once applied, Keim Mineral Paints permanently bond to the mineral surface once applied. Acrylics, on the other hand will fade over time and the coatings themselves are only mechanically adhearing to the surface.


Q - Does Keim need to be applied by a registered applicator?

A - No, Keim paints can be applied by anybody. There are a few basic principals that need to be followed when applying the products, however, Keim Mineral Paints are a relatively simple coating system to apply.