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Keim Universal Render

Keim Universal Render Product System

Keim Universal Render is a ready to use renovation and thin layer wall render, based on hydraulic lime and white cement with sand and mineral fibre fillers, for use on all mineral substrates, both interior and exterior.  Its composition enables the render to accommodate a high degree of movement, in particular due to thermal expansion and contraction, whilst at the same time preventing surface crazing and cracking.

Keim Universal Render can be used as a render base layer onto which is subsequently applied any of the Keim coating systems and / or textured finishing render systems.  For overall surface refurbishment Keim Universal Render can be used as a complete thin coat render system that can be subsequently decorated with any of the Keim mineral paint systems.

Keim Universal Render is suitable for the patch repair of existing rendered facades, over large or in localised areas, and for application onto solid old renders, synthetic resin renders, solid old paint coats, synthetic resin paint coats, interior and exterior areas and cracks.

The Keim Universal Render system is as easy and reliable to apply as it is flexible, with outstanding machine processability, excellent stability and smooth, thick consistency.  Fibre reinforcement and water repellency ensure reduced susceptibility to cracking and optimum wear resistance.

Key features and benefits:

  • Simple, reliable and economic
  • Ideal for renovation of buildings, preservation of historic monuments and construction of new buildings
  • Suitable for covering mineral, organic and mixed substrates
  • Ideal for concealing cracks, flaking and differences in texture
  • Fibre reinforced and water-repellent  
  • Usable in any application without priming
  • Outstanding machine processability   
  • Easy to apply
  • Light color
  • Versatile finishes
  • Mineral renovation finishing render, lime cement based with 1.3mm grain size
  • Compressive strength > 3.5 N/mm2 (normal render mortar CS III)