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The Great Southern Wall - KGV V


Artist is Peter Day from Environmental Art + Design



Artist is Peter Day from Environmental Art + Design



Keim Royalan



Various Colours


Project Overview:

About the Artist: Peter Day has been using Keim Mineral Paints for external murals since 1984. Peter prefers to use Keim Royalan because of its longevity and its harmonious and well-balanced colour palette

About the mural: The Great Southern Wall Mural represents the history of The Rocks from the beginning of time to early European settlement.

Moving from left to right, the mural begins with a representation of the Big Bang Theory and the evolution of everything. Moving towards the right, under the stairs, this image of an Aboriginal Women and child, represents all Aboriginal people living harmoniously with the environment. The following section of the mural shows how The Rocks appeared prior to European settlement. This section shows the beginning of European settlement with details of the landing of the First Fleet taken from Arthur Murch's Mural 'The Foundation of European Settlement' which is located on the overseas terminal at Circular Quay.

Significance of the oysters -  The colonists were starving when their stores ran out and the crops they planted failed. The Aboriginals showed them how to eat oysters, thus providing some protein in their meager diets and saving many lives.